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Severe pain and sensitivity in tooth ? - Time to visit your nearby Dentist !!

General Causes of tooth pain and sensitivity:  Pain and sensitivity can be caused by an exposed nerve that may caused due to Gum disease, a lost fillingor a crown, smoking and tobacco use, misaligned teeth, brushing with an hard-bristledtoothbrush and tooth grinding etc.
Next steps:
- It is not suggestible to keep this condition of exposed tooth nerve untreated as problem doesn't resolves by itself and untreated exposed nerve may worsens if the disease continues resulting in serious gum infection(Periodontitis) and possibly bone loss in the jaw.
- In most cases you may be also experiencing swelling along with pain and sensitivity. For that rinse your mouth with warm salt water to reduce the swelling and immediately visit your dentist nearby before infection spreads or worsen.

To know more about tooth pain and sensitivity or its clinical treatmentcontact us for an appointmentand visit our dental clinic for …
Tooth Extraction
Usually when we go to a dentist for fixing a broken or damaged tooth, he/she will try to fix it with a filling, crown or other dental treatments.
But when tooth is too damaged and is non repairable, dentist will suggest for dental extraction in such cases. A dental extraction or tooth extraction (also known as tooth pulling in simple language) is mainly removal of teeth from its socket in the bone.
Before pulling your tooth, dentist will give anesthetic injection to numb the area where tooth will be pulled. This will prevent pain locally on the infected area in mouth during the extraction process.
There are mainly two types of Dental Extraction:
What are dental bridges ? What are benefits of dental bridges ? Dental bridges are very common, affordable and low risk treatment for patients with missing teeth.
They acts like real world bridges and bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth of patients.

Bridges are made up of one or more artificial teeth, also known as pontics, which are supported or held in place by two dental crowns.

Benefits of Dental bridges: Bridges, if we compare with partial dentures, do not require time to time removal for cleaning which means they are fixed prosthetic restorations.Bridges prevents the remaining teeth from shifting which could have created issues in your bite in absence of bridgeAs dental bridges are small and light weight patients get used to them in very short time.Chewing experience is much better then dentures in case of bridges.
We have done such incredible work over the years and are always observed patients excited to see the end results and smile transformation.
We would like…
What are dentures? Why we need dentures? What are types of dentures? What are benefits of dentures? Having missing teeth and thinking what you can do to bring back your old smile back? Don't worry, with modern techniques, it is now possible to have your smile back. One of the way to do this is with the help of dentures. Usually people need dentures in below cases:
1. Loss of teeth due to some accident or fight: Accidents happens in life, and we don't have control over it. But some accidents leave a significant effect on our life by affecting some part our body permanently. An example of this case is loss of teeth. It might happen to you as well, but you don't need to be unhappy about it. With new technologies you have option for getting dentures which will bring back your smile as it was by natural looking artificial teeth. 2. Teeth are loose, shifting, or the gaps between your teeth are wider: Due to periodontal disease (gum disease), tooth decay, traumatic injury or some o…

What is Smile Makeover and when to go for it ? Smile with a new confidence, show the world your true self...

What is Smile makeover ? When should we go for Smile Makeover ? Smile with a new confidence, show the world your true self.... Hanging out with friends and feeling uncomfortable in front of camera and pulling your lips shut for closed mouth ? 
Even if you are having good dental hygiene and structurally sound teeth but you could be dissatisfied with certain elements of your smiles. Believe us it happens and it’s not your fault.Discoloration, misshapen teeth, and minor orthodontic issues could affect your appearance and self-confidence. Most of us are self-conscious about the appearance of our teeth and gums and we often find ourselves hesitant to smile in public, keeping our mouths closed in photos and even covering our mouths when we laugh. Luckily modern dentistry offers a potentially ideal solution for such cases in the form of smile makeover treatment. Commonly many different options may be possible but it is important your general oral health is evaluated, and is of a good standard…

Surgical extraction case 1

Surgical extraction of impacted wisdom tooth 38
A healthy 25-year-old male patient presented to our clinic with an acute pain in lower left posterior  region of mandible since last 2-3 days. Clinical examination revealed gingival swelling posterior to 37.
A digital OPG was taken which demonstrated a horizontally impacted tooth 38, with roots in close proximity to the inferior alveolar nerve canal. The patient was prescribed Amoxicillin 500mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg TID for three days, along with Diclofenac + Paracetamol.

Bad Breath ? Reasons? Remedies?

What is Bad Breath? Reasons of bad breath? Looking for Dentist nearby for bad breath? Remedies for bad breath?

Are you embarrassed of unpleasant breath in front of your friends and family?​ Don't worry it can happen to anyone, you might need to consult a dentist nearby or oral-health-care professionals.​ What is Bad Breath? Bad breath also known as Halitosis or malodor in medical terms is breath that has an unpleasant smell resulting from poor dental health habits and may be sign of other health problems.